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jarodxkyle's Journal

The Jarod and Kyle Refuge
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1) Only Jarod/Kyle-centered stories allowed. While secondary couples are tolerated, the story must focus on Jarod/Kyle. Likewise, no putting Jarod or Kyle with other characters. Both 'canon' and AU stories accepted.

2) An lj-cut is your friend.

3)Please, when posting a story, provide your name (real, eljay or both), disclaimer, brief summary, and an appropiate rating given the story's material.

4) Fanfiction, photos, or fanart are allowed.

5) PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMMUNITY AS A FORUM TO DISCUSS PRETENDER EPISODES, OR OTHER RELATED INFORMATION. There are many other good communities dedicated to discussions, such as sl_27.

"I Decide Who Lives Or Dies. I Decide Who Lives or Dies"

Above all. Have some fun.

Please note. This community will be mostly unmoderated. Do NOT take advantage.

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